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Employer Benefits

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How Employees and Organizations Benefit from Momentum Education Workshops and Coaching

Thank you for your interest in Momentum Education for the success of your employees and organization. Participants of our Basic, Advanced and Leadership courses dramatically increase performance and achievement, while experiencing fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of life.


Before Employees Begin Their Journey

Because Momentum Education's programs are designed to significantly and measurably enhance on-the-job performance, we recommend having a discussion with your employee prior to them begin their journey in the Basic Workshop. You'll want to identify specific and measureable goals you'd like them to achieve in their Workshops and coaching journey, as well as a timeframe. To assist you, we've put together a list of common results Momentum Education graduates report experiencing:

  • Conflict Resolution – Win/Win – Working together to forward everyone's goals.
  • Effective Communication – Communication styles, listening to the listener.
  • Commitment – Being empowered making and keeping your word.
  • Requests – Making and accepting powerfully.
  • Difficult Conversations – Creating the outcome you intend.
  • Responsibility – Being 100% responsible.
  • Urgency – The value of moving forward now.
  • Feedback – Giving and receiving valuable information.
  • Leadership – Powerful people empower others.
  • Vision – Aligning with, and successfully bringing about, your shared company vision.


Basic Workshop

Momentum Education's Basic Workshop is proven effective in delivering a renewed sense of passion, vitality through discovery and practical tools designed to breakthrough personal barriers. It is an opportunity for your employee to gain clarity, declare their goals and stand confidently in making them a reality.

He or she will experience themselves as Powerful, Decisive and Effective in what they create in their lives and the lives of others. In the Basic Workshop, they will:

  • Discover a renewed sense of purpose and direction.
  • Experience a fresh vitality and passion in significant areas of their life.
  • Create connection and meaningful relationships.
  • Enhance their ability and effectiveness in accomplishing extraordinary results with urgency.


Advanced Workshop

The Momentum Advanced Course focuses on breaking from the past and consciously using the power of choice. This four-day intensive is designed for participants to shift from living in reaction to a life of living in action! In this course, your employee will:

  • Discover the keys to their personal power.
  • Forever alter their relationship with fear.
  • Give and receive open and honest feedback.
  • Create a new relationship with "urgency" and the power of Now.
  • Experience themselves as part of a high performance team.


Leadership Program

During this high-energy, 90-day program, your employee will receive personal coaching in learning concrete actions that support creating extraordinary results in areas of their lives such as career, finance, love, relationships, health, education, and community.

In a nutshell, your employee will have the opportunity to bring into reality what may now seem impossible for themselves and/or your company. Through participating in the Leadership Program and coaching, your employee will:

  • Excel with the support of results-driven coaches.
  • Be challenged and inspired.
  • Create a blueprint for a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.
  • Learn to assert themselves in various environments.
  • Create connections and foster meaningful relationships.


Schedules & Tuition

Basic Workshop Schedule: Two Evenings & Two Full Weekend Days, Plus One Follow-Up Evening, $398

Advanced Workshop: Four Full Days & One Follow-Up Evening, $950

Leadership Program: Weekly Meetings for Three Months, $1,250

The Complete Momentum Journey: Basic, Advanced and Leadership Program, $2,000


Additional Information

For additional information or to further explore the benefits and outcomes of sending your employee(s) to Momentum Education, please call our offices at (212) 594-8070.

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