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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Momentum Education?

Momentum Education is a prominent organization, known for providing quality results coaching and dynamic personal development workshops. Our uniquely experiential workshops are proven effective in delivering a renewed sense of passion and vitality through discovery and immediately applicable techniques. Graduates see powerful results immediately within their relationships, family, career, finance, and overall quality of life.

How long has Momentum Education been in business?

Momentum Education was founded in 2003 by Robin Diane Lynn, an internationally recognized inspirational trainer and life coach who'd spent her career facilitating personal empowerment workshops all over the world. The experiential learning model that is the foundation of Momentum Education's curriculum however, was developed in the 1950s.

What makes Momentum Education's trainings and workshops unique?

The Momentum Education curriculum is offered in the method of Experiential Learning. In this unique format, learning takes place by being present in the experience, rather than by note taking, memorization or studying. It is an active and co-creative process, which engages the student and allows individuals to discover what is wanted and needed for them to break through. Momentum Education's training speaks to a diverse group of clients spanning various ages, ethnic backgrounds, and careers; ranging from CEO's to "Stay-at-Home Moms". The Momentum Coaches are dedicated, expert trainers who have presented this type of training across many populations with thousands of participants worldwide.

What is Coaching?

Coaching has been used to improve individual performance in sports, business and personal growth. Coaching is a one-on-one partnership that creates a space for individual learning to take place. Through coaching you will begin to experience personal transformation, take meaningful and effective action, improve quality of life and create balance. Coaching provides insight, feedback, guidance and learning from an objective advantage.

            - Have a clear vision of what it is they desire.
            - Create momentum and consistency while experiencing more energy.
            - Improve the quality of existing relationships and create new ones.
            - Build a solid sense of self-worth and confidence.

One of the major attractions offered by having a personal coach is a safe, secure and confidential environment, which focuses on the client taking action and seeing new possibilities. The more open a client, the more room for coaching, the greater and faster the results.

Momentum believes that working with a personal coach is a powerful tool to enhance the results that you have already achieved through participating in either the Basic/Advanced or Leadership Program. For some, working with a personal coach prior to enrolling in our core curriculum provides enhanced support in creating their desired results.

In addition, there are some who benefit by using our coaching services independent of the core curriculum.

Momentum Education's coaching services are designed to support you in creating the results that you want in life, and to serve you on an individual basis.

What are the specific hours of each of your workshops?

The Basic is 2 evenings, 2 days, and 1 follow-up evening.   The Advanced is 4 days and 1 follow-up evening.

The Basic Workshop

The Advanced Workshop


6:00pm - 11:30pm


10:00am - 11:00pm


6:30pm - 11:30pm


11:00am - 11:00pm


10:00am - 8:00pm


11:00am - 1:30am


10:00am - 8:00pm


11:00am - 7:00pm





1 follow up evening

1 follow up evening

Our full training days include breaks throughout the day and an extended 90-minute dinner break.

Do I need to attend all days of the training?

In order to maximize the value of the workshops for all participants, we require you to attend all scheduled training days in each level of the course.

Why don't my friends and family members tell me more specifics about the training?

If you've learned more from our website than you did from the person who referred you to it, we officially apologize for them being "weird!" We actually encourage graduates to share what they learn and what results they create, but request they don't explain specific games, exercises, and activities so that when you come to the workshops, the experience will be spontaneous and new for you in order to maximize your learning. It is experiential learning after all.

Is Momentum Education affiliated with any religious groups or other organizations?

Momentum Education is not affiliated any religion, sect or other organization. We are a results based organization. Our curriculum is designed to be compatible with any religious or spiritual belief (or lack thereof). Momentum is not a spiritual training, but rather one of leadership and empowerment in all aspects of life. Our belief is that all people matter, and our vision is that people recognize the difference they make in the world and commit to and create extraordinary results. Our trainings provide tools to make that a reality. That said, graduates of our workshops often experience what they describe as an enhanced spiritual connection, especially within their own chosen faiths.

What if I don't want to talk during the workshop?

While we encourage everyone to participate fully, all sharing is voluntary.

Who are the workshops designed for?

The workshops are designed for people who desire to accelerate their results and are motivated to live their dream life – now. We find those who benefit most from our programs are adults who have already achieved a certain measure of accomplishment, learning and success, and who are looking to take themselves to the next level of achievement in life.

Should I take the Basic Workshop with people I already know?

We recommend that participants take the workshop with family, friends and colleagues. Although the training environment may create intimacy, every participant has his/her own personal space and experience. Then too, there is the experience that you'll get to share with the other person as well.

Is Momentum Education wheelchair accessible?

Yes we are. We offer a barrier-free training space and will provide any reasonable accommodation to ensure the safety and well-being of all workshop participants.

Will you come to my organization/business to do a workshop?

Yes. Please call us at 212.594.8070 for more information regarding our corporate and organizational offerings. 


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