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  • Robinson Lynn

  • Sylvia High

  • Francisco Roque

  • Melvin Britton-Miller

  • Federica Baldan

  • Vallori A. Thomas

  • Bruce Avery

  • Vivian Anderson

  • Lee Silberstein

Robinson LynnExecutive Director 

Robinson Lynn, Executive Director for Momentum Education is an experienced and respected thought leader, motivational speaker, and life coach. Robinson has trained thousands of people throughout the US. He specializes in proven effective experiential learning techniques with an emphasis on advanced learning through moment-to-moment forward-thinking processes. Robinson draws on his vast experience and training for his delivery of Momentum's signature Advanced Course Training.

He continues to lead Momentum Education's exceptional growth and expansion inside of its overall vision to impact the maximum amount of people in having their goals and dreams come to fruition. As an executive board member of Momentum Teens For Leadership he has led the development of youth programs and curriculum. Drawn to this work at an early age, Robinson Lynn is a graduate of Momentum's Teen programing, which inspired him to declare contribution as his life's work.

In 2008, he was instrumental in his efforts with the Executive Committee of the Federal Election Commission as part of the general presidential election. He is an inspiring visionary and notable New York City resident and community leader who supports monthly initiatives to feed the homeless.

Sylvia HighMomentum Basic Workshop Leader

Sylvia High is an author, trainer, coach and motivational speaker who inspires clients and audiences to get from where they are to where they want to be. She is a powerful speaker and trainer who has consistently demonstrated her ability to empower others to take actions that mirror their personal and professional goals.

Her 20 years of extensive training, consulting and business experience has assisted her in providing a broad base of clients and organizations with staff development. She assists organizations, both internationally and nationally, in areas such as dimensions of leadership, teamwork, effective presentation, conflict management, diversity, selling skills, effective management, effective communication and change management. Some of her clientele include Intel, Bank of America, American Heart Association, Untied Way, VISTA and AmeriCorps programs.

Sylvia has a degree in communications and has been trained by one of nations largest training companies. She is a participant of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) as well as Toastmasters International. She has been certified by Mandil Communications in effective presentation skills. Sylvia is truly dynamic and has hosted a TV motivational show called YES YOU CAN!

Sylvia concentrates on helping people turn vision into reality. Her exposure and ability to help employees within major organizations has forwarded many in their own personal and professional development.

Francisco RoqueExecutive Partner

Francisco Roque is a moving inspirational speaker and life coach. He is an award winning writer and activist who holds over 15 years of community organizing and social marketing experience. He has supported thousands of clients with effective strategies to behavioral change. Francisco is known for his leadership in the development of several citywide and national marketing campaigns and large-scale community events.

As a visionary and critical thinker he succeeds at creating buy-in and trust from within social networks and communities through his approach to leadership, grounded in authenticity and a bold frankness. At Momentum Education he supports the delivery of the Advanced Course and Leadership Program while conducting individual results coaching and managing the organizations overall communications.

In addition, Francisco is a challenging leadership coach with an expertise in team building and result driven action plans. He and his work have been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, NY1, PBS and in The New York Times, The Village Voice, The Los Angeles Times, The NY Blade, POZ Magazine, and The Advocate. Recently, he was also featured on PBS's "Mobilizing Hope", In the Life. In recognition of his unique expertise results driven approach to behavior change, Francisco was invited by the Obama Administration to participate in numerous strategy sessions at the White House in the development and implementation of the US National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

Melvin Britton-MillerExecutive Partner

Melvin Britton-Miller, is a recognized trainer, coach, preacher and creative artist, who has extensive experience designing and delivering programs and workshops concerning a variety of topics; particularly around the distinctions of leadership, diversity, social innovation, corporate responsibility, personal transformation and healing, contribution, radical inclusion, social justice and youth/young adult development. Mr. Britton-Miller consistently challenges audiences and participants to critically reflect and creatively respond to issues facing our society with actions that make a sustainable difference.

He previously served as senior consultant for Nike on their regional, national and global programming for social innovation and corporate responsibility. He has delivered presentations and led workshops and trainings for NGOs, corporations and government organizations. Some of which include Google, Mattel, The U.S. Office of the World Council of Churches, The NYC Mayor's Office, Columbia, Princeton, Harvard and New York Universities, The American Heart Association, and The Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America.

He holds the Bachelor of Arts in American History and Dance from Columbia University, the Master of Divinity in Systematic Theology and the Master of Sacred Theology in Psychiatry and Religion from Union Theological Seminary. He is an ordained minister and formerly served on the staffs of The Riverside Church and Fort Washington Collegiate Church in New York City. Mr. Miller completed his internship in Clinical Pastoral Education at NYU-Medical Center and his residency at Hartford Hospital. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Psychology and Religion at Union Theological Seminary.

Mr. Miller has presented and performed nationally and internationally and collaborated professionally with artists, producers, activists and theologians such as Debbie Allen, Andre León Talley, Alice Walker, John Hope Bryant, Reginald Yates, Cissy Houston, A. Curtis Farrow, Dr. Hyun Kyun Chung, Alice Walker, Dr. James A. Forbes, Bishop Desmond Tutu, and The Dalai Lama. He continues to deliver trainings, workshops, speeches and lectures nationally and internationally.

Federica BaldanMomentum Advanced Course Leader

Federica Baldan offers over 20 years of experience delivering spiritual and experiential trainings designed to uplift and inspire people around the country. She is also a prominent life coach and corporate trainer.

Federica's style of coaching supports people in shifting away from ego towards a life of purpose grounded in forgiveness, gratitude, and contribution. She has worked with world-renowned trainers and coaches such as Jim Zarvos, Bettie Spruill, Stuart Gelles, Dr. Carolyne Fuqua, Robin Diane Lynn, and Jim Hellam. In her role at Momentum Education, Federica supports the delivery of the Basic Workshop, Advanced Course, Leadership Program and Masters Course. She also manages overall operations and all volunteer driven programming.

Federica contributes at several community-based organizations such as Project Sunshine, GMHC, Habitat for Humanity, Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen and the City Kids Coalition impacting young people throughout New York City. Recently, Federica traveled to Egypt with Circles of Light, where she studied Egyptian Theology and its practical application through the delivery of motivational workshops.

Vallori A. Thomas

Momentum Leadership Program Coordinator

Vallori A. Thomas has a distinguished reputation as an enthusiastic and indefatigable facilitator, trainer, fund-raiser and entrepreneur with expertise in a wide range of disciplines. As Leadership Coordinator, Vallori facilitates the weekly leadership team meetings, providing both one-to-one and group coaching. She is responsible for ensuring that the leadership curriculum product is consistent with Momentum's quality measures, and that the curriculum delivers the promised results.

Vallori joined the Momentum staff shortly after the company was formed, and was a protégé of Momentum's founder, Robin Lynn, a trailblazer in transformational trainings. With Robin as her mentor, Vallori honed her coaching and training skills quickly, and in 2003 formed her own nonprofit organization, Take Higher Ground, Inc. THG provides personal effectiveness and performance training to women seeking to re-enter the mainstream workforce following an institutional hiatus. Vallori founded the organization out of the practical need to revitalize under-served communities and her commitment to create a world that works for everyone.

Over the years, Vallori, through THG's workshops, has helped thousands of women turn their lives around, providing stability and unprecedented opportunities for themselves and their families. The organizational conduits for Vallori's work include WIN (Women In Need), HELP USA, The YMCA of Greater NY, The Dome, Lincoln Hall, and Greenhope Services for Women.

Bruce Avery

Momentum Leadership Program Coordinator

Bruce Avery is a veteran educator with over thirty years’ experience mentoring communication management, performance and production. Presently, he is the General Manager of the 2015 Marconi Award winning non-commercial radio station, where Bruce also co-hosts/produces “Tender Talk, Tough Topics,” a weekly show about bullying and other forms of abuse.

In addition, Bruce is an AMS certified broadcast meteorologist and has been on the air in the Boston, Hartford and New York markets since 1978. During his television and radio career, Bruce has covered major environmental events including: the blizzards of 78, 93 and 2015; hurricanes Gloria, Bob, Irene and Sandy; and the 2011 northeast US earthquake.

In 2012, Bruce was a “Momentum Honors“recipient from non-profit organization Momentum Teens for Leadership.

Vivian Anderson

Leadership Coordinator

Vivian Anderson is a distinguished community advocate who has traveled the world developing programs for youth that focus on social responsibility. Her keen ability and cross-cultural sensitivity has allowed her to lead non-profit startups through business formation, fund development, and operations. A recipient of the Black Achiever in Industry Award and the YMCA Humanitarian award, Vivian believes in creating maximum value and results in individual lives and the world.

Vivian Anderson joined the Momentum Education family in 2005. As a volunteer, Vivian has worked directly with Momentum Education’s founder, Robin Lynn, to develop a family planning curriculum for the YMCA, culminating in several grant opportunities. As Executive Director of Momentum Teens, Vivian achieved the largest enrollment to date at the time of her tenure. Now as a coordinator for Momentum’s Leadership Program, Vivian has provided participants with group and one-to one-coaching creating teams that surpass their expected goals.

Lee Silberstein

Momentum Leadership Program Coordinator

Lee Silberstein, Combines his 30 years experience in delivering results-oriented experiential trainings with his role as a communications strategist in supporting the Advance Course, as a Coordinator of Momentum Education's Leadership Program and as a member of the Board of Directors of the not-for-profit Momentum Teens for Leadership. He has managed community relations programming for some of the city's most ambitious economic development initiatives. And Lee has provided senior-level, strategic consulting services to numerous large businesses and organizations.

Mentored by some of the original authors of personal empowerment trainings offered today by Momentum Education, Lee's work in this area was elevated through the loving tutelage of Momentum's founder Robin Lynn. Lee's vision of creating powerful results through personal empowerment is the driving force threaded through all the areas of his life; and he has worked with some of the most significant elected officials and leaders of industry of our time. Lee served as a vice president for the New York City Public Development Corporation, where he was responsible for daily press and government relations. He also served as assistant press secretary to New York City Mayor David N. Dinkins and as a special adviser to Rhode Island Governor J. Joseph Garrahy.

Recognized for his contribution to empowering communities throughout the five boroughs and across the country, tangible results of teams supported by Lee include the creation of a 90-acre park on the Brooklyn waterfront, tens of thousands of below-market housing for economically challenged families, and thousands of jobs and job-training programs in lower-income neighborhoods..

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