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Momentum Advanced Course Seattle

The Momentum Advanced Course focuses on breaking from the past and consciously using the power of choice. This four-day intensive is designed for participants to shift from living in reaction to a life of living in action!

In this course, you will:

  • Discover the keys to your personal power
  • Alter forever your relationship with fear
  • Give and receive open and honest feedback
  • Create a new relationship with "urgency" and the power of Now
  • Experience yourself as part of a high performance team

A highly skilled trainer and team provide will provide you with focused and applicable coaching while delivering this inspiring curriculum. The Momentum Advanced Course is a challenge and a celebration. As a result, you will be able to move forward in action as the chief designer of your life.

Advanced Course Tuition:


Four Full Days & One Follow Up Evening.

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Training Location:


 Venue: SpringHill Suites Downtown/South Lake Union
Address: 1800 Yale Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
(212) 594-8070

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Brad Bender
Momentum Graduate 2005

After the Momentum Advanced Course, I increased my business income by 50%, while finding a new passion for public service. Making new choices and stepping outside my comfort zone have led to incredible results in my relationships, finances, health and wellness. Momentum is truly a gift to share.


Teneshia Warner
Momentum Graduate 2008

The program and tools I learned support me in 'living on purpose' everyday. As a result I've experienced business growth, obtained new clients and continually create new platforms/programs that nurture my passions.


Anna Fu
Momentum Graduate 2010

The education I've received at Momentum tops even my Ivy League graduate degree. Before Momentum, I was a one pack a day smoker for 14 years. During and after the core curriculum, I became a non-smoker, running in three 5Ks within two months -- that's the power of Momentum. The meaning and purpose of my life have never been clearer.
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