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Momentum Basic Workshop

The Momentum Basic Workshop is proven effective in delivering a renewed sense of passion, vitality through discovery and practical tools designed to breakthrough any barriers. Momentum's Basic Workshop creates an opportunity to gain clarity, declare your goals and stand confidently in making them a reality.

Experience yourself as Powerful and Decisive and see what that creates in your life and the lives of others.

 In the Basic Workshop, you will:

  • Discover a renewed sense of purpose and direction;
  • Experience a fresh vitality and passion in significant areas of your life;
  • Create connection and meaningful relationships.
  • Enhance your ability and effectiveness to accomplish extraordinary with urgency.

Led by an experienced and dynamic trainer, the Basic workshop connects you with a team of trained staff who are well suited to support you in identifying and achieving your goals. Our training environment encourages authenticity and honest communication. You will have the opportunity to develop tools and awareness that will support you in maximizing your personal and professional accomplishments.

Basic Workshop Tuition:


Two Evenings and Two Full Days & One Follow Up Evening.

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Training Location:


The Westin LAX
5400 W. Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90045

(212) 594-8070

Money Back Guarantee

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Adam Lee
Investment Trader

Momentum workshops have been an amazing experience. I came in looking for clarity and came out with an entirely new outlook on life. Goals that I believed I was not capable of became a reality.

Through Momentum I was able to increase my earnings at my current profession of investment trading, while simultaneously pursuing my passion for music. Creating a win-win, I founded a website and company that promotes and manages upcoming musicians into the mainstream.


Cecilia Culverhouse
Entrepreneur and Designer

Momentum Education transformed my life in subtle and profound ways. Through the Basic and Advanced Workshops as well as the Leadership Program, I returned to myself, stepped into my power, took risks and learned to trust.

From this grounded and empowered place, I recently left my legal career to pursue my passion of designing and writing about stylish, ecologically sustainable women's shoes, as well as creating art.


Arron Pratt
Theatre Director/Producer

As a direct result of completing the curriculum of Momentum Education, I decided to pursue my passion of Stage Direction and Production. It was the right choice: In June of 2011 I directed, produced and developed a new musical project that is currently slated for a Broadway run by 2013.

If you've ever dreamed of seeing beyond what you could be: Take this training.

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